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I'm Dennis Kwinten a dutch photographer born in Eindhoven. I've been interested in images all my life long. I have worked as a lighting technician in the theater. Where my love and urge to create images developed. In 2000 got interested in photography and mainly black and white photography because of some photos I saw of Anton Corbijn. I first started taking pictures with my iPhone but bought my first camera after a few years. A world opened up for me. The first pictures I took where some street shots of Amsterdam. In 2014 I took my first portraits. They were photos I took of Chantal Janzen during a performance in the Vondelpark, Amsterdam. After this I started several portrait series over the years. "Mokum Street Portraits" a street portrait serie in the streets of Amsterdam, "Some Girls" a boudoir/lingerie serie, "Tattooing" a tattoo artist serie for which I also photographed tattoo godfather "Hanky Panky" Henk Schiffmacher several times. Besides running series I also do separate shoots paid but also free TFP basic shoots. I would like to hear from you for collaborations and good ideas.

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